Sitka was born in Peru and at an early age she discovered her calling for fashion. After several experiences in designing and dressmaking she decided to study fashion design in the United States at the famous Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where she graduated with honors. Sitka had the opportunity to work as a trainee with american designer Michael Kors, and for the first time, took part in presenting important collections in New York.

She decided to return to Peru, where she set up her own fashion house. Following the immediate success of her collections, she soon became one of Peru’s top fashion designers.

Sitka has taken part in several international fashion shows in Peru, Colombia, Panama, United States, Spain and Russia. Up to date, she has been the first and only Latin American designer to show her collections to the Russian market, at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia.

In 2011, she was named fashion ambassador for Peru.


Sitka´s vision is to incorporate elements of her native Peru in her designs through the use of hand crafted textures, applying traditional techniques using the finest indigenous materials and fibers such as Alpaca and the so valued Pima cotton.

In 2019, Sitka partnered with entrepreneur and friend Patricia Hurtado and founded SAYA, a fashion and lifestyle brand with deep rooted values and purpose. Its name in Quechua dialect meaning “Women who always stand tall”. They create opportunities, preserve their culture, identity and tradition by designing timeless collections. 


As part of her growth as an artist, she has been requested many times to design the entire costumes for important theatre plays (10 plays in total): Mamma Mia being the most recent one.

Sitka wanted to continue gaining experience in the retail business so she accepted the responsibility of collaborating with the largest local womens brand “Mentha y Chocolate” (MCH). She designed 4 seasons under Sitka Semsch x MCH.