Sitka's Story

Sitka's Story

Born in Lima, the capital of Peru, fashion designer Sitka Semsch exhibited a keen eye for style from an early age. After gaining experience in design and dressmaking, she pursued her passion by studying fashion design at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the United States, earning honors upon graduation. Sitka's career soared as she trained under American designer Michael Kors and contributed to significant collections showcased in New York.

Sitka's success was apparent from the outset, as she designed for international fashion shows across Peru, Colombia, Panama, the US, Spain, and Russia. She garnered a reputation for infusing her Peruvian heritage into her creations, using handcrafted textures and traditional techniques with indigenous materials like Alpaca and prized Pima cotton. We value thoughtful details, such as traditional techniques applied to contemporary creations by Peruvian artisans, goldsmiths and weavers of infinite talent. Always, using our finest indigenous materials and fibers such as alpaca and our so valued Pima Cotton.

Returning to Peru, she launched her own fashion house, quickly ascending to become one of Peru's foremost fashion designers. Sitka Semsch remains the first and only Latin American designer to present her collections at the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. In 2011, she was bestowed with the title of fashion ambassador for Peru, solidifying her esteemed status in the fashion industry.

Sitka Semsch


While steadily growing her business, Sitka inaugurated her initial store in Peru, introducing a fashion and lifestyle brand deeply rooted in values and purpose.
After three prosperous years in the domestic market, Sitka made the strategic decision to shift her brand's focus toward international expansion.

This pivotal move led to the opening of her first store in Miami at the Shops at Merrick Park, marking a new era of growth and creativity.


With a vision to establish a global presence for her eponymous label, Sitka Semsch celebrated a successful first year since launching her inaugural US store on February 22nd in Coral Gables.
While the US market has proven highly favorable, Sitka Semsch's strategic expansion plan for the next three years entails entering the retail markets of Miami and bolstering its global eCommerce footprint. This progressive approach will pave the way for further expansion into additional regions within Florida and eventually across various states within the United States.

None of these achievements would have been attainable without the unwavering support of our valued customers and cherished family.

Sitka Semsch story

“I am so appreciative to have the loyal, supportive, and caring family that I do. My family is a priceless gift, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am now. Thank you for always being the most reliable people; my husband, my daughter, my sisters, friends and colleagues. You have supported me every step of the way. How lucky I am.”