Designing with Purpose

We work with impact-focused partners from across the country who have long records of supporting and empowering women and girls - keeping our eyes focused on they improving their income and gaining more autonomy.

Our social impact mission includes working with an on purpose supply chain that aims to empower women globally

sowing together

sembrando juntos

Since 2018, we've partnered with NGO Sembrando Juntos to teach macramé knitting to housewives and single mothers in Lima's Pachacutec city. Through workshops, we provide the materials needed to create products we sell. This initiative isn't just about income; it's about empowerment, offering women a break from their routines to learn, connect, and prove their abilities. Sitka Semsch values empowering women throughout its entire chain.

About them: Sembrando juntos is a social organization that works so that each child has the possibility to fully develop their own unique potential and therefore, build a better future for them and for all Peruvians. 

They promote innovative education in vulnerable communities making it possible for children to enjoy going to school, where through creativity, curiosity and games they will be protagonists of their own learning.

Vision: Besides having a school in Ventanilla; they have launched a training program for teachers from public schools. Their vision includes communities where they work. This is why they have a Community Center; where they offer workshops and a safe space to improve quality life in the community.

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Conservación Internacional

International Conservation

Sitka Semsch has been supporting Conservación Internacional since 2022 by providing Macrame workshops to women who contribute to forest conservation. 

The workshops aim to enhance their skills, increase income, and foster self-sufficiency, with the goal of forming future supplier partnerships. This collaboration also focuses on quality education for Peru's vulnerable communities, believing that change can be achieved through educating children.

About them: Conservación Internacional (CI) has operated in Peru since 1989, as a non-profit NGO focusing on engaging society in nature conservation for human well-being. They aim to promote Peru's biological and cultural diversity for development. CI builds partnerships, establishes Protected Natural Areas (PNAs), and contributes to environmental policy, including the creation of the Ministry of Environment in 2008. They address environmental issues nationally and sub-nationally, particularly in Madre de Dios and San Martín regions.

Vision: Envision a healthy, prosperous world where societies are dedicated to preserving and valuing nature, our global biodiversity, for the long-term benefit of humanity and all life forms on Earth.

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Operación Sonrisa

Operation Smile

Sitka Semsch has been in collaboration with Operation Smile for several years. Through this partnership, they've combined fashion and compassion to support life-changing cleft lip and palate surgeries, contributing to brighter smiles and a more beautiful world. Together, they've made a meaningful impact on countless lives.

About them: Operación Sonrisa Perú, a non-profit organization recognized by the Ministry of Health since 1999, is dedicated to providing the necessary resources, both financial and human, to treat a greater number of cleft lip and palate patients. 

They've conducted 22 international and 88 local medical missions across various regions in Peru, with support from over 160 volunteer doctors specializing in anesthesiology, plastic surgery, pediatrics, nursing, speech therapy, psychology, dentistry, and nutrition. 

Additionally, non-medical volunteers contribute their time and skills to positively impact and transform the lives of more Peruvian patients.

Vision: To provide free, specialized medical assistance to cleft lip and palate patients with limited resources, enabling them to become active members of their communities. Through our campaigns, we offer comprehensive treatment that benefits both patients and their families.

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